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Just a reminder of what we had in mind...

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Hi-Di-Hi Campers!Well, I don't know about you lot by I had a great time... I think...Anyway, here's the text for the Crew Pint idea for the back of the hotly awaited 25th Anniversary T-Shirt:
This is not just any pint,This is a lovingly created combination of stale Dog, tinned McEwen's, watery Boddingtons, warm Guinness, potent chilli beer, flat strongbow, slightly curdled milk, bottled grapefruit juice, Lloyd's false teeth & a dash of Worcester sauce. All mixed together by Mac's special stirrer.This is not just any pint,This is a Bangor Stage Crew pint.[A stage crew pint contains...1% RDA Fibre, 40% RDA Protein, 14,000% RDA Alcohhol]Take your time to have a think and feel free to suggest something completely different if it's funny, (or not), front or back. The suggestions for the front contain:BeerTazBeerTaz doing a Crew Pint standing on a crateBig Speakers (Fukin Sound!)BeerLights (Fukin lights!)BeerGaffer TapeBeer& Especially for Rick...1000 Barrels of beer!Have fun...JON

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The ideas bucket is open for the Stage Crew Reunion 25th Anniversary T- Shirt.
Current ideas are based around Taz doing a crew pint on the front with text by Little Jen and Tricky about the contents of a crew pint, in the Marks and Spencer's style, on the back, however any other ideas will obviously be considered.
All responses need to be copied on the Bangor Uni Stage Crew group wall on Facebook as well.
Adrian Rutter
Mobile - 07973 413047
email - adrian.rutter at bigfoot.com

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