[Ex-crew] 2009 Reunion dates

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Pretty sure there is some sort of rule on this that says it's the last Saturday in January....I might be wrong. Tony is the God in these type of things.
Personaly, as I've decided to make an appearance next year, and my new car arrives on that Friday, I'd love it to be on the Saturday. Give it a nice 250 mile run in at 100 mph until I get to North Wales, home to the speed camera and Chief Constable from hell. 
Wanna lift Paddy? Can pick you up in Brum on my way through.

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Just noticed it is another of those years where the correct weekend is
ambiguous. So did we decide if it is the last full weekend in January or
the last Saturday?  Since I don't book anything till the last minute it
doesn't make much difference , except if it is the latter I probably
won't be  able to get up on the Friday as I normally do.
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