[Ex-crew] Crew Reunion 2007

Anthony Frost vulch at vulch.org
Sun Dec 17 17:49:47 GMT 2006

Matthew Haigh wrote:
> Jon Marriage wrote:
>> Hello everyone,
>> Alan and I were wondering if people were happy to give the Reunion a
>> miss in 2007?
> Time flies, doesn't it?
> Hmm, let's see. Driving about 500 miles round trip using around 25
> gallons of petrol at today's horrendous prices, spending 10 hours or so
> in the car, paying for a night in a hotel, eating badly and disrupting
> my family life to spend a few hours in the presence of some aging
> piss-heads?
> Sounds good to me.  See you on the weekend of the 27th?

I've had the leave booked for months, would be handy not to be drinking 
on my own...


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