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Curley, Pol {RBS Wales} pol.curley at hmrc.gsi.gov.uk
Thu Jul 28 12:42:05 BST 2005

A suspect Peruvian wearing a bulky coat and carrying a suspect package has
been shot and killed at Paddington Station.

The bear was sitting "all alone on a suitcace, behind a pile of mailbags,
close to the lost property office" and did not respond to the officers'

Chief Constable Knacker said "the fact that the suspect was brown and
wearing a bulky coat meant we could take no chances. We bitterly regret this
tragedy but other bears may end up getting shot in these dangerous times."

The unnamed bear is believed to have entered Britain illegally from Darkest
Peru where he leaves behind an aged relative, Aunt Lucy, in a Home for
Retired Bears. She is said to be "distraught".

The shooting was witnessed by Mr and Mrs Brown, who were waiting at the
station for their daughter Judy. Mr Brown said "the officers issued a
challenge but the bear did not appear to hear them, as it was busy eating a
marmalade sandwich."

Officers searched the corpse and found a battered brown suitcase with a
secret compartment containing a scrapbook. The bear had a label around his
neck saying "please look after this bear" and was wearing a floppy hat.


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