[Ex-crew] Kill

Anthony Frost vulch at vulch.org
Sat Jul 2 11:25:32 BST 2005

So, I load my car with a selection of camping gear and checking in to the 
Bay Tree gear, start the car and pull out of the parking area, think 
"Hmmm, I'm sure I had more fuel than that", get 30 yards down the road and 
the engine cuts out. Think various rude thoughts and decide I'll have to 
dig out a can and cycle to a garage for a gallon of diesel. Cross the 
road, look back at the car and think "What's that hanging down 
underneath?". Some miserable scum has sliced through the fuel line and 
drained the tank. Can't get hold of the local garage, too close to home to 
get the RAC to fix it, so I've bodged with a bit of plastic tubing to let 
me get the thing home on fumes, but I don't trust the fix to last the 500 
mile round trip, so no Beach Party for Uncle Tone again this year.


See people at Moira and Pols fireworks in November, or reunion in January 
I guess, unless anyone is in the vicinity of Cambridge over the summer.

       Tony the extremely pissed off.

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