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Well I found out this weekend that Bangor has entered the 20th Century
(although they might have been there for a while, knowing me)
McDonalds have entered the Twilight Zone...
I must admit that the out of Town shopping in Bangor has improved
dramatically, NEXT, Tesco, Argos Extra and more are now sited on the
Caernarfon road out of Bangor...
Is it just me who has failed to locate them before last weekend...???

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Hi Matey,
Still in the US for the moment, Getting booted out Mid September - visa has
expired - BIG pain in the arse but what do you do? I will still manage the
US ops but from the UK. Will wait for a couple of years until the greencard
has come through. Will be based in Liverpool so I will at least make the
next few reunions - beach party - hey always a silver lining eh! Did you go
this year?
Lot's to do to get the move done but I will get there!!
Catch you later
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How's it hanging big boy?
Work is pants, need a holiday. Don't seem to be able to fit one in at the
moment though.
I have been made a manager for my sins, which seems to mean that I do the
same work but now everything is my fault!
Ho hum!
Just thought I would say hello. Hello!!

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