[Ex-crew] Re-union 2004, Saturday 31st January.

Marriage, Jonathan jonathan.marriage at dpconline.com
Thu Aug 21 13:44:32 BST 2003

After the success of the Reunion in the Tap & Spile last year I think we'll
do the same again. I'll get some sandwiches again for the Saturday night so
if I can make a list of who's coming... I thought I'd pass on some
information about accommodation to make life easier for everyone.

Tap & Spile, 01248 370835:

6 rooms, £12.50 per night, no breakfast but apparently they have good

Tapandspile at tesco.net <mailto:Tapandspile at tesco.net> 

Y Garth Guest House, 01248 362277:	

? rooms, £? per night,

Most people were disappointed by the choice of food at the Gazelle on the
Sunday so what do people think about trying to find somewhere else? Does
anyone have any recommendations?


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