[Ex-crew] reunion

Anthony Frost Vulch at vulch.org
Sat Dec 8 20:47:33 GMT 2001

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          "M E Thornton" <MET at thornton50.fsnet.co.uk> wrote:

 > Have just noticed the info for a reunion on the Friends reunited site.
 > I wonder, would there be anyone there who would recognise me?
 > I was Lis Blackburn studying Psychology from 1973 to 1976, one of the few
 > non-electricians who helped on the crew.
 > Now I'm Lis Thornton, living in Wirral.

I think I'm the "earliest" person on the mailing list, 1977-1980. Most
of the participants are from 1985-1995 or so. The start of the reunions
in the 80s helped keep people in touch, but Stage Crew started to wind
down in the late 90s as the Union went for permanent rigs in the various
venues. You wouldn't recognise the refectory these days, but the Jazz
Room (renamed Jocks after a bar manager) is the same as it always was!

Stewart Kelly and Colin Fearnley probably overlapped with you, and have
been known to turn up to reunions once in a while.


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