[Ex-crew] Mac

Anthony Frost Vulch at vulch.org
Wed Apr 4 20:35:59 BST 2001

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          "Mac Macfadzean" <Mac at happy-go-lucky.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:

 > From: Rob McKay <rob.mckay at conwy.gov.uk>
 > >
 > >I've finally figured out what it is Mac does for the Secret Service.
 > >
 > Arse!

And from a message found elsewhere...

  "Did I ever tell about the competition I heard about which was to see"
  "who could get past the gate at GCHQ in Cheltenham by flashing the most"
  "absurd Id?  Apparently the winner used a can of sardines."

So that's how come they keep letting him in and out...


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