[Ex-crew] Email from your mobile but with no WAP phone...

Adrian Rutter adrian.rutter at jewson.co.uk
Wed Jul 12 12:46:16 BST 2000

This actually works, although for some reason it doesn't seem to be public
knowledge... (Except for being on the radio and a LITTLE bit of it being
given out this morning)

Send an email from your mobile without shelling out for a crappy WAP phone.
Start the message with a capital M followed by a space then the email
address followed by a space and then your message, example:-

Create a new message on your phone and start it like this:
M name at domain.name <type email here>

Send the message to one of the following numbers depending on which Network
you are with:

BT-Cellnet      07720 296 269
Orange          07974 914 680
One-2-One       07946 354 378
Vodafone        07769 707 344

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