[Ex-crew] Baby Rutter Pictures

Anthony Frost Vulch at kernow.demon.co.uk
Wed Aug 23 00:56:01 BST 2000

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          "Richard Bowles" <richard at ftslighting.co.uk> wrote:

 > Once upon a time, Anthony Frost <Vulch at kernow.demon.co.uk> did scribble :
 > > Adrian has sent some pictures of his new offspring to the list.

And thanks to Tricky we now have thumbnails.
 >  We can all draw a big sigh of relief.
 >  That can't possibly be Adrian's offspring.
 >  The nose is _FAR_ too small.

Well, I have to admit, the first thought last night was... 7lb 11oz.
That's about 5lb 6oz of actual baby and 2lb 5oz of nose? :-)



/me hides behind Bangor Mountain...

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