[Ex-crew] Wow, a list!

Matthew Haigh matt at haigh.org
Tue Aug 22 15:12:44 BST 2000

Hi everyone,

I've just been told about this list by Carl. I had been subscribed,
but it was to a company email address, and I quit that job just before
the list got going! Thanks go to Tony for setting this up, and adding
some extra posting addresses for me:-)

Adrian, congratulations on the sprog. We're definitely going to need
a creche next January now!

Just for your address books (if you care!) my permanent email addresses
matt at haigh.org  (home)
matt.mobile at haigh.org (short messages get delivered to my mobile)
matt.work at haigh.org (guess!!)
There's no need to be paranoid about using matt or matthew - either 
will route correctly.

Tracey can be mailed at tracey at haigh.org and tracey.mobile at haigh.org.


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