If yer not on the list, yer not coming in!

(This may not be entirely true. If you know who we are, wander in.)

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Big hole in College Park where the Union used to be

Yer not coming in!

Just because I don't get round to updating Reunion and Beach party dates and reports doesn't mean they're not happening! Reunions always tend to happen by magic (and the efforts of Jon and Alan) across the weekend of the last Saturday of January, these days gathering in the Tap and Spile, formerly the Garth Hotel, near the pier. Beach Parties are less frequent, but you can always see what has been said about the next one in the list archives.

Crew Reunion 2014 - This years (2014) reunion will be the 25th of January, the last saturday in January as always.

Forgotten the Rag Record? Ruin years of therapy here.